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deved shipping – Import Export Services in Dubai

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Category: Business, Import Export Services in Dubai

How they can help you with Import Export Services in Dubai, Many goods are manufactured in countries where the safety and performance requirements of the importing country or region are not always fully known. These requirements were put in place to ensure the safety of consumers in importing countries.

Unsafe and unreliable products can result in injury, death, or property damage, as well as costs associated with products, recalls, damage claims, and damage to a brand’s reputation. Companies trading with these countries must comply with these customs clearance requirements. Non-compliance can result in significant delays in clearing goods, penalties, or even the return of shipments.

Deved Shipping can issue the necessary certificates to meet the standards of these countries and ensure smooth customs clearance. Deved Shipping has issued more than 1 million certificates and conducted more evaluations of more products over a longer period of time than any other organization. Please do not hesitate when it comes to your decision! 1 The average order value is $40–$50 per product sold. This may be subject to additional taxes depending on the jurisdiction, delivery method, and tax rate paid by the buyer


Import Export Services in DubaiImport Export Services in Dubai

Import Services

Hazardous material certified
Purchase order monitoring via the online
Marine insurance scheme
Customized status reports, including third-party visibility
Electronic data interchange capability
Remote filing capability
Pre-clearance for sea/air
Warehousing and distribution of imported goods
Automated clearing house (ACH)duty payment capabilities
Internet tracing/tracking
Bonds for all modes of customs entries

Export Services

Gobal transportation arrangements
Warehousing Storage and distribution with bonded and non-bonded facilities
Breakbulk and transloading from one country to another
Consular legalization, required by different nations.
Sea /Air Freight Forwarding
Over dimensional and project cargo
Full container load (FCL) shipments
Over dimensional and project cargo
Less than container load (LCL) shipments to enhance cost savings for smaller shippers.
Letters of credit and related documentation